Working out when you don’t have time!

A couple of years ago I was very active and worked out almost everyday, then when I started university I did not work out as often, but still a couple of days a week. Then in Liverpool I took up the work out and worked out everyday (almost). But then when I started to work I had not had the time or motivation to go to the gym.
Last year I was very active with my dogs, but then they got injured and had to take it easy. This has resulted in that I am getting weak, hurting in my back, knees and shoulders and is out of breath from nothing.

So I decided this have to change, I need to get moving. But with two dogs that needs to be left at home everyday and my gym have changed their schedule so there is not many classes, or fun classes, in the evening. The gym is not really an option. So I thought about it and realized I’m a youtube-addict and there must be  work out videos on youtube that you can do at home. And there is!
And it was so much fun working out at home, I could dress as I liked, be as loud and ”grunty” as I wished, and best of all, the videos I found did not have any music so I can pick my own! Amazing!

I have decided that the important thing is that I start to get moving, so Monday I was out jogging/power walking and doing a yoga-class, Wednesday I did a 35 min cardio (that was HARD) and 10 min stretch, and today I did 20 min pilates-core :)


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