Want to build a snowman?



This weekend I have been with my family in the Swedish Fells (yes that is actually a word, I looked it up on wikipedia) skiing.
On the drive up we had horrible weather with snow storm and icy roads, but the rest of the week it was great weather! Although the snow was disappearing fast from outside the piste areas, but in the slope it was still fine!

We rented a lovely apartment with the lift maybe 50 meters from the house and a restaurant literally next door.

I used to ride the snowboard, but lately my legs can’t handle it, and I really cannot ski, so therefore, these days, I ride snowblades. It is me and the kids.Even the guy in the ski shop where we rented our skiis shook there heads at me.
But I reason that with snow blades, I don’t hurt and I am not terrified all the time. It is just fun, and isn’t that what a ski trip should be all about?
Although I have the blades, I am still the slowest one in the slop, not just among my family of ALL the skiers, but hey, it is me skiing not you.


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