To the Memory of Sir Terry Pratchett

It has been a little over my week since the world went grey. On the 12 th of march Sir Terry Practhetts sand ran out and followed DEATH into the black desert. And I cannot describe how I felt when my dad texted me the news. It felt like a punch in the stomach, and that is why it have taken so long to write about it.

My first memories of Pratchett books, I had no idea it was Pratchett books, was my dad reading books with strange covers and laughing his guts out. I always ask what was so funny, but he always said it couldn’t be explained. And I felt I was kept out from some wonderful mysterious world. Then when I was 12 my dad finally started reading Guards Guards to me and my brother. And I LOVED it! After that he read several more, and I started to get old enough to read by myself and then I was the one laughing out loud and when I got asked I just said you can’t explain it unless you read it your self.

I cannot explain how great part of my life these books have been, they have helped me understand the world, and also helped me going trough hard times and also made great times even better.
The last week I have realized there isn’t one single day that goes past where I don’t realize how Sir Terry Practhett have influenced me, it can be a way of thinking, references, quotes, memories, there are just so much!

Without doubt or over exaggerating can say I would not be the person I am today if it hadn’t beent for Sir Terry Pratchett.

I don’t know how to end, but maybe just this is enough:

Thank you, sir and please say hello to Binky for me



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