Ten years ago…

I found a memory-stick with pictures on it and these where not taken yesterday!

This in 2003 I think, when I had my ”green”-period of dressing. I bought like only green clothes, don’t ask med why..
This picture is taken in my brothers room with a webcam (it was there our computer was for some reason..) and I tried to do make up and hair like Meg in Hercules!
Bild 85

This is taken in the shark-net (don’t know if that is the right word in English though…) on my first ”Nordic sail” (a sailing competition) onboard T/S Britta in 2004.  Nine years later and I am still onboard! But I’ve gone from rookie to first officer.


In November of 2004 we did a 2 month long sailing trip with my school and here I am onboard dressed as a Vampire. I want to say we had a Halloween-party, but Halloween is in October, so beats me…

And here we are in the spring of 2005, we did a week-sailing trip with my school, a-month before graduation in the Stockholm archapelago. Look at my hair!


Summer 2005 I sailed with the east-indiaman Gothenburg on her maiden voyage. And I cut my hair….

In the spring of 2006 I went to a Sisters of Mercy concert in Malmö and this is on the train back. Btw I love this hairstyle, I can’t wait for my hair to grow back so I can start doing it again!

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