I was tagged by the blog Fantasygrottan to make an entry about summer reading.

1.which 5 books do you feel you just HAVE to read?

1. Snuff by Terry Pratchett
Yes I a ashamed to say I haven’t read this book so it is a must.

2. The Long Earth by Terry Pratchett
I have read all of Pratchett novels, therefore I need to read this…

3. Blood of dragon of Robin Hobb
I love the rain wild chronicals and I have read everything of Hobb.

4. The Wise Mans Fear by Rothfuss
I’m not the Rotgfuss fan some are but I am still curious on the second book and. It has been 2 years since I read namne of the wind! It is about time I read the sequel!

5. Something By Lovecraft
I have never read anything by Lovecraft and I LOVE the Cuthulu cult, so its about time…

2. Which book are you not that keen about reading, but feel you have to?
To continue to read the 3rd book in Sword of Truth by Terry Goodkind. I loved the two first books, but in the ”Blood of the fold” I feel, I don’t know. I think the characters are not coherent. They do and say stuff that I don’t feel is really who they are…. But it might become better, I just have to keep ploughing on…

3. Where is the best place to read this summer?
In the cockpit of the boat

4. Honestly, where do you think you will read?
Commuting to och from work…

5. Which book do you think will be the best one?
Snuff, it must be Snuff. I mean it is Pratchett, it is Vimes, what can go wrong?

6. Which book should everyone read this summer?
Assassin’s Apprentice by Robin Hobb. I believe that is the best damn series of book I have ever read. Words cannot describe what those books mean to me. I have literally lived my life by those.

7. Beach or hammock.

8. Detective story or novel?
I thought detective stories where novels? Assuming the novel is not of fantasy character I would choose detective.

9. Favorite genre?
Fantasy, must be.

10. Tag 3 others
Hmm I don’t really now if these people read my blog but:
Althea  Prinzessin and Geek Girl Diva

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  1. Oh, glad you did the list!
    I’m on part 21 (swedish versions) of Sword of truth and I’m not really amused atm but I loved the first half of the series. And Lovecraft is one of my favourites. I think ”Color out of time and space” (I think thats the name) is one of his best!

    1. 21! OMG jag har en bit kvar :)
      Tack för tipset om HP Lovecraft, då vet jag vad jag kan börja med 😀 (Om nu min himla KOBO Glo kommer någongång….skit Dustin..)

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