Silver medal!

Today I participated in my second agility competition ever with my dog Nellie. Last time was maybe three years ago? It was before we got Speja anyway.
It was an unofficial competition that was held as an examination for a one who was to be Competition manager (or what it is called in English), so it was three classes. One agility, one fence and lastly a ”newbie”-class without the  slalom.

In the agility-class, Nellie disqualified her self, buy totally ignoring me and going for the balance-obstacle, when we where going for a tunnel. The fence-class I totally screwed it up, by taking a tunnel and not a fence…

But the newbie-class…. WE GOT IN SECOND PLACE!! Silver medal for us!

And Nellie should have all the glory, if I had not hesitated on some obstacles, we would have been even faster, and might have won… But I am so proud that we was totally fault-less and then a second place… Im just so happy!



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