Sci Fi Mässan (Convention) Gothenburg 2015


This weekend have been great! On Saturday I was the Belgian detective Hector Pirot (yes I misspelled it correct), as one of my lovely friends are getting married and for her hen-party we traveled back in time to 1915, where we first had a wonderful lunch and choclate tasting in the botanic garden of Gothenburg, then in the evening we had a very thrilling mystery dinner! Where the bride-to-be got the be the writer Agathea Christi in the English country side where one of the dinner guest suddenly is dead and we all had to try to figure out the murderer.


Then on Sunday I went from a pompous gentlemen, to a bad as steampunk airship-sailor! Then I went to a scifi convention and last time I was there was three years ago and then it was very small. So I thought, well this will be done in an hour, but it had gotten so huge! I wandered around for hours! And of course I bought a pony and two Assassins creed unity figurines. Then afterwards I met up with some amazing friends and started to plan our own gaming channel, which is really exiting!

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