Saturday Boardgame

This Saturday evening I met with the girls from our boardgaming group at the Cafe Taktik here in Gothenburg.
Our boardgaming grouped formed at a request in the facebook group ”Geek women unite” where a newcomer to Gothenburg said she wanted to play boardgames and we where a bunch of girls that also wanted to play boardgames!
I usually play games with a bunch of boys and have lately realized that I never get to hang with geek girls and that would be nice.
We have met up a few times know and I believe this was our third time at Cafe Taktik and it was as pleasant as ever. Cafe Taktik is a very nice cafe! Boardgames, nice calm atmosphere, superyummy chocolate cupcakes and very nice and helpful staff!

This evening we first played Pandemic (watch it on Tabletop). A game where you are to cooperate to prevent a virus killing everyone on earth. It was a bit complicated to understand in the beginning, but in the end I think we got a hang of it.

Then we played a game about Gothenburg that was a mix between Trivia Pursuit and Monopoly. A bit weird mix that I didn’t find completely logical, but it was fun to get questions about the town we live in. Although I believe of all the questions we got we totally got 5 right….  But neither of us where inbreed Gothenburgers.

Lastly we played Forbidden Island (watch it on Tabletop). Also a game where you are to cooperate to collect treasures on a sinking island and then get off before it sinks. It was a fun little game that didn’t take to long (but the longer to figure out).




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