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If I would name two people that have had an enormous impact of my life, and really shaped me to who I am today. It would be Terry Pratchett and Robin Hobb.

When I was maybe 13 (?) years old, I was at the science fiction bookstore to get a new Terry Pratchett book, but I had read all of them, and I was a bit sulky since I really wanted a new book (book lovers will understand, others might not). However, my mum asked the shop-assistant if he could recommend anything based on that I really liked Pratchett and he gave me a pocket booked named ”Assassins Apprentice” by Robin Hobb and I was sulking as I said, and really did not want that stupid book, but mum was buying it and I could not say no.
So I got home and thought ”Okay, I read ONE chapter, so I can at least say I tried and then I can throw it away”, so I read one chapter and another and another, and I was just hooked. I LOVED it and I went on reading the rest of the trilogy, several times. I slept with these books in my bed, I dreamt about them, I filled note-books with poems about them and I lived by these books.

Then I read the Living ships trilogy, the tawny man trilogy and then the rain forest chronicles. I have always loved Fitz and the Fool and this autumn it was announced that it was going to be a new trilogy by Hobb about Fitz and the Fool!! It will be released in August!

For those who are interseted here is an extract from the new novel, me however has decided that I don’t want ANY spoilers about it!

i09: First Exclusive Look at Robin Hobb’s Next Novel, Fool’s Assassin!
Fools assassin by Robin Hobb

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