Photo Finish look-a-like

Today I had my final exam, hopefully for a very long time! It felt okay, but I do not really know what the teacher was looking for, because I felt some questions he asked answered them self… But I think I did okay, I will know in three weeks time.

Anyhow after the exam I went to mail some things and the post office happens to be in a store selling stationary. So I could not resist to buy some stuff that I can use for my filofax (yeah I know I am starting to become a filofax junkie….) and I found these frixon pens. They are ink pens that are erasable and we have the thicker pens in Sweden, but not these thin ones. It was 6 for 12 pounds (usually 1 pen cost 3,5 pounds) , so I had to buy them. I also found this beautiful pencil case to have all my pens in.

Today it has been a real spring day with lots of sun and I have real trouble with sunlight because my eyes are very light sensitive due to strabimus. As I got here in January sunglasses was not on top of my packing list so I had to get a pair. Otherwise I just go around squinting, and not only does my eyes hurt after a while, I look so angry when I squint. Even if I am really happy I look grumpy and angry squinting. But finding a pair of glasses was a lot harder than I thought. I do not know if it only here in England, but the sunglass fashion is terrible! They all look like bad childrens glasses! And they are all black or leopard-colored. And I hate leopard-coloring. And I want bling!

After looking in like five stores I finally went in to a store that sell brand-items but at a really low price. I found a pair of Guess-glasses that I liked for 19 pounds. Yes I look like Photo Finish in them, but I need full cover otherwise the light hit my eyes and it hurts after a while. But I like them. And Photo Finish is awsome, so who wouldn’t want to look like her?

P1000510 P1000514 glasog

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