P3 Music Awards 2015


I noticed I have not published anything all week! I am so sorry for that, I have no idea where the  week went. It has been a crazy week at work, so I blame that.


To day was the Swedish national radio 3 that had their annual music award show, P3 Guld. It was so good! This year I got ticket to stand in front of the scene and I was right at the stage at the fence!
P3 (the station) is for the ”young kids” so their was some hiphop and rap musicians I have no idea who they where, but as I listen always everyday to the channel I recognized most of the songs!

Favourite was Say Lou Lou with Games for Girls! And I was also in awe (!) of the camera crews steady cams! I was like drooling over them (the steady camera, not the camera crew…)image image (2)

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