Monty Python Fluxx

For those who doesn’t know I can tell you that Mats, my boyfriend, collects board games. And at the Forbidden Planet we bought two more, as I showed you before I got Cuthulu Gloom and Mats got Fluxx Monty Python.

I haven’t played Gloom yet, but we have played Fluxx MP and it is hilarious!
It is a very easy game, you have three cards initially and you draw one and play one. Then you have goals cards which says that you win if you have certain ”keepers” on the tables. Then you also have cards that change the rules, so you might need to draw 3 cards or play more cards. With the rules and goal changing all the time, it is a fast game.

If you are a Monty Python fan, you will love this game. The only thing I could complain about is that it is very little references to other works than the holy grail.

In Sweden you can find it Sci fi bookshop  for 158 SEK 


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