So yesterday I went to see ”Maleficent”, for you who might have missed it, it is the classic Disney story ”Sleeping Beauty”, but told from the perspective of the villain in the first Disney version Maleficent.

And it was a really good movie, Angelina Jolie as Maleficient is magnificent. She really gives the character depth, and I love how she is cool in everything, she is almost understating it which makes it even more powerful.

The scenery is astounding and the creatures in it just beautiful and it could be the giant tree creatures, but there is something Guillermo del Toro over it.

Somewhat SPOLIERS below

I have however three things that bugs me.

1. In the movie King Stefan is not a king in the beginning, but he needs to prove himself to the King in order to become a sucessor. EVEN THOUGH the King has a daughter. I think that whole thing is very strained. I understand they need something to motivate Stefan in order to get the story forward. But I believe they could have chosen a more believable story.

2. When you get to the end of the movie, you wonder how the first version come to be. I mean in this movie it starts with something like ”You have heard the tale, but this is the real one…”. I don’t know, it is a feeling I have that they wanted the two stories to be intertwined, but once again it does not hold up all the way.

3. The last thing is to do with my childhood. Sleeping beauty was always mesmerizing to me. and for some reason the only Disney prince (until Flynn Rider, em I mean Eugene), was the only on I thought was good looking. I did not understand how they could have drawn the other princes like they did, they where ugly! So I was a bit disappointed that both Aurora and Prince Philip in the movie, was not very beautiful or handsome. I understand the movie people did it so they would stay in the background and let all the shine be on Maleficent, but I was disappointed none the less.

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