Honest October Loot Crate; Fear!

Tuesday I found a Loot crate box in my mailbox, and I was like? What?? what?? I didn’t think my next crate was to arrive so soon, but of course I was very happily surprised!

I knew it was a fear themed and fear is really not my genre. I am very easily frightened so I can’t really watch horror movies or play really. (I am not kidding when I had to turn Amnesia of after 10 minutes although it was in the middle of a sunny summer day, due to that I was to scared). Zombies is not really my thing either I like Shaun of the Dead and Nation red, but that is as far as I go.

Therefor I was not super excited over this box and I was pretty convinced I was not going to be super amazed over the loot. Therefore I decided to make an honest loot crate video, where I was not going to be in awe, just because it was lootcrate.

How did the crate turn out? See my latest video;


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