Historic cooking!


I love history and I am currently taking an online university course in historical dressing and interior. In this course the teacher recomended to take a look at a very cool book. A cook/household book from 1668! It has recipes, medicine and how to make cosmetics. Online I could only find extracts but then when I searched on it I found a transcript was sold in an online bookstore here in Sweden, so of course I had to order it!

I am hoping to try and make some of the stuff from it. I found an extract from a cheesecake recipe online from the book. The thing though that I have no idea if a 17th century cheescake looks anywhere like a modern one. And they seem to have a lot of eggs in that time…

Take three Eggs and beat them very well, and as you beat them, put to them as much fine flower as will make them thick, then put to them three or four Eggs more, and beat them altogether; then take one quart of Cream, and put into it a quarter of a pound of Sweet Butter, and set them over the fire, and when it begins to boyl, put to it your Eggs and flower, stir it very well and let it boyl till it be thick, then season it with Salt, Cinnamon, Sugar and Currans and bake it.

Read more extracts HERE


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