Yesterday I FINALLY got to watch ”Frozen”. I actually heard a lot of the music as many on youtube have used the music in different ways (mostly Let it go and Do you want to build a snowman”, but I had not watch any trailers or knew the actual story.

For you who have not seen it, it is about the two sister Elsa and Anna, and Elsa is born with a gift, or curse depending on how you look at it, to control and produce snow and ice. In an accident when they are young Elsa hurts Anna with her powers and the king and queen decide that Elsa will need to be isolated from everyone until she learns to control it, but it only gets worse. Jumping a head, on her coronation day Elsa needs to be in public and the pressure and fear gets a hold of her and the whole kingdom is wrapped in eternal winter and Elsa flees up in to an ice castle in the mountains. To rescue the kingdom Anna goes on a quest to find her sister and revert the winter.


What did I love:

  • Sven! I just love Sven the Reindeer. Seeing Frozen my urge to want a reindeer only gets stronger! He is so funny and cute and the best part, he does not talk and it is so funny how Kristoff talks in his place! He is just a ball.
  • That there is two sisters who are not rivals! Otherwise, sisters in Disney i usually rivals and snarky towards each other (Cinderella, Little Mermaid), but here they just wants the best for each other.
  • It does not end with a wedding! It ends with a first kiss, that may or not be the beginning of something great.
  • The music! There are some great songs!
  • In other movies (like Brave) the girl wants to be free to do what she wants, but is limited to that girls are to be ”ladylike”. In Frozen, Anna is allowed to be a bit wild, and she is limited, but not because girls are not supposed to, but because of Elsas fear. I love how Anna refers to ”Or ride our bikes around the halls” in the song ”Do you want to build a snow man”.

What I did not like:

  • Olof, he was totally unnecessary. The rest of the movie was beautifully animated, and he looked like a mess! He was just ugly. He was not even needed to bring the story forward. He only had two tasks, lead Anna and Kristoff to Elsa and boost Annas morale when she was left to die. Both of these could have been done by already existing characters. Like why not make one of the trolls do it?
  • It seems to be set in Scandinavia, so why all the German/Austria references?  Could America please understand that there is a BIG difference between Scandinavia and the Alp-countries?
  • I need to say the music here to. Yes I love most of the music, but it was not as consistent as in for example Tangled. Like the first song ”Frozen Heart”, why could they not have more of that kind of music? I mean Olof song seemed to be from a totally different movie. And also some tones were a bit high for my taste in ”Love is an open door” and ”for the first time in forever”.
  • It was a bit sprawly, with the characters and the music. But I think they could have saved that with the removing of Olof and putting in a troll instead. Because the trolls where funny and cute, but they where in the movie such a short while it was hard to take them in.

All in all it was an awesome movie, but I still think I believe Tangled is a more collected and better worked through movie. Although I have to say that the Frozen soundtrack now runs on repeater from my stereo….

One more thing, I so recognize Hans from some other movie, can someone please let me know which? I a going insane here…




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