Finally watched Hunger Games

Yes, I am a bit behind everyone else. I just watched the Hunger Games, this weekend…
I haven’t gotten around to watch it, although EVERYONE seem to have seen it and EVERYONE have been talking, tweeting and youtubing about for like more than one year. And I got around to watch it know.

But you know I never watch any trailer, I just learned what it was about from everyone talking about it. But after watching it, it was very unexpected. It was not really what I had thought, not that I know what I had expected.

Although there is a few things I am a bit perplexed about, and somethings I find quite obvious that it was going to happen. And for you that have read the books, is it worth reading the books? Is it as expected in the books?

When I saw Game of Thrones I was like ”I NEED TO READ THESE BOOKS”, but I did not have the same feeling about the Hunger Game. I just want to know what happens next! And then I realized that the last movie will premiere in 2015!!
So once again, you book readers, can one read the last book without reading the first? Just have watched the movies? I really need to know! I am dying of expense here! For November 2014 I can wait, but not 2015!!


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