Feeling miserable


I know this is a crappy picture, but that is how I feel crappy. Two days ago I fell sick, I guess with the flue and I have just felt terrible. I am not kidding when I say that Monday evening I literally just sat and cried because I just felt so sick! So these past two days I have been at home these past two days and yesterday I was up only for a total of 6 hours, the rest I was just sleeping, knocked out. Today has been a little bit better.

And I just thought this picture was like capturing my mood. Me in the sofa in my snuggy, with a teapot and drinking tea from my nightmare-before christmas mug, reading about 18th century interior . And in the background all the laundry taht should go in the wardrobe but I have not had the energy to put it in.

I am just so sick of feeling sick. I have so  much I want and need to do! I was going to start exercise, and I bought my new gym-membership last week and went on Saturday and was going to start going this week. But no I have been just laying in bed with fever delirium.

I don’t know what I want with this blog post, maybe just to show you some reality, hope you are feeling better than me :)

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