Eating 350 year old cookie!



So today I got around to trying make a recipe from the 1668 year cook book. The recipe I thought looked easiest was for what they called ”Almond Cakes”. I tried to be as true to the recipe as possible, the only thing I didn’t have for this was ”musk”, which I have never seen as a spice ever here in Sweden. After some googling I understand it is used in the middle-east now days but under the name mastic today. It was just to be a small amount so instead I used nutmeg, which they use frequently in other recipes in the book, so I thought that was probably quite authentic as well.


I have no idea how these are supposed to look. In the last scentence they say to ”lay the cakes on wafers by half a spoonful” and then put them in the ovens. I know they used wafer irons back in the days, but it does not say irons or but the irons in the oven, they say cakes. So I don’t know id wafers also is some type of mould, or maybe they actually mean to put the almond cakes on wafers (the cookies)? The next thing is that they did not spread out in the oven, so they baked as you lay them .
I used very fined grained almond, which I am not sure if it was the right thing to do. Once again I can only guess how they are suppose to look.

So how did they taste?
Not that bad, but they where flavored with rosewater and I really don’t like rosewater. Also they where very grainy in their consistence. Not the best cookies ever, but it was very easy to make, and fun to try and sort it out how to make them.

If  you want to try it yourself, you find the book HERE

and let me know if you try any and the results!

DSC_0416DSC_0419 DSC_0421 DSC_0427 DSC_0430

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