Doctor Who Premiere

I will not spoil any endings, but there will be mentioning of things in the ”Deep Breath” episodes, s0 be warned if you are spoiler sensitive.

This Saturday evening I was at the cinema and the premiere of season 8 of Doctor Who! The Science Fiction bookstore here in Gothenburg has arranged the screening of the premiere episode at one of the cinemas in town and they had even a Dalek there! Which was a little unnerving, but cool!

I am not going to recap the whole episode, since it was ALOT happening. And I think that was my main issue, that was the dinosaur in London, the paternoster gang, clock-work cyborgs, Clara having issues with the new Doctor, the new Doctor getting lost, the Doctor ranting, Clara and Vastra having issues, a new villain and so on. It was just alot going on, and that is why I think I got very torn. I need a few more episode to see where this is going.

But I think the new Doctor could be really cool, he is all dark and fierce and Scottish! But in this episode any things were thrown in your face and literally spelled out, and I hope they (and with that I mean like the writers and producers) got it of their chest and can get on with it in the new episodes.

So to tie it all in, the episode has some promising elements, but I am not entirely convinced yet.

Doctor Who

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