Day of the Doctor

This post will be about Day of the Doctor, I will write about it in general, no spoilers, in the first bit and then after the spoiler warning I will talk about it more specific.

As I mentioned before [HERE] the Science-fiction bookstore here in Gothenburg arranged for a showing of the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who ”the Day of the Doctor”, and I got tickets to the later show.

I must confess I was a bit skeptical as I was afraid they would go places with the show that it could not return from. Like the Serenity-movie for Firefly, in my opinion the show would be better without some events in the movie.

When we got to the cinema it was an awesome mood among the crowd and before the movie the SF-bookstore had a trivia and the mood was rising trough the roof. And it was just great seeing the 50th anniversary with other fans and trough the movie people started applauding when certain characters or references poped-up and  overall it was just a great movie experience.

And I loved it, it was really a tribute to all the fans and instead of my fear of ruin the show, it gave it a boost!




Stop reading now if you don’t want to know more.

As I said I thought it was great! First of all I thought it was this episode that Matt Smith was leaving as the Doctor, and I was really happy to find out, that this was not the case.

I also loved how they brought back Rose, but not as Rose but the Bad Wolf, it made it a more solid and believable story and it was not the ”Doctor-and-Rose” but she was just there in the background helping him out without the Doctor really knowing it.
The next brilliant thing is that it gave the show a new purpose and renewal and, again, in a believable and not forced way
My favorite Doctor Who episodes are not the once when he saves the whole planet or battle villains like ”the Silence” over multiple episodes, but my favorites are the one like Blink, Midnight or The girl in the fireplace, where it is one event with a few people involved.
And lately it has been many great enemies and epic battles, I hope with this new direction we will see more of these ”small” encounters with the Doctor.


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