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When I arrived home to work I noticed that my dogs started to get interested in something small on the sidewalk just out side my house. Then I noticed it was a small bird! It just sat there blinking, didn’t move at all when the dogs tried to sniff it. So I poked him gentle to see if he was to fly away, but no, he just sat there blinking at me. So nothing much more to do, I took him in my hand and he grabbed on to my finger and we went inside.

As he was just below the wall and did not seem to have any external injury and the wings and legs seemed to be alright, I figured he had flown into  a window and had a bit of a concussion. When birds fly into something, sometime all they need is some peace and quite and time to recover. So I got him a little paper box, gave him a tray of water and some wet-dog food and then I covered it all with a blanket. Birds are very easily stressed, so easily that they can actually die from it. But darkness calms them and quite. So I left him there and waited, trying to be as quite as I could and just let him rest.

After half and hour I checked on him and saw that he started to look more alert on the eyes, before he just sat with the lids half closed but now he was looking and turning his head. But he was still just sitting , so I put the blanket back. After an hour I heard him starting to rustle around, so I took away the blanket and then he started to fly around. So I took him gently and put him in a thick bush in our little yard.

Hopefully he will not get any long lasting ailments, but can fly around eating seeds like a happy little bird!



I have worked with wild-animal rescues and have experience so I know what Im doing, but always follow these advice if you find injured birds:

* NEVER pick up or move baby birds! Often when you think you found an abandon baby bird, the mother is just nearby waiting for you to leave. Many birds actually leave the nest before they can fly, and then the mothers feed them on the ground.

* If you find an visible injured bird or baby bird contact your nearest wild life rescue-center to consult them!

* If it is not safe to leave the bird where you found it, while you call the rescue center, or until they can be reached. Put the bird somewhere peace and quite away from predators. Remember, indoors in your home is a very strange and stressful experience for a wild-bird. If you have a secure, calm place outdoors, that is much better (I live in the city and don’t have anywhere outdoors where there is not cats or humans, that is why I took him inside).

*In Sweden where I live you are only allowed to keep wild animals for 24 hours.


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