Bioshock Awesomeness

I have started to play ”Bioshock Infinit” and Im just blown away! It is just so beautiful! I could just walk around for ever and just LOOK at everything!

One thing I hate about some games is when it is dark, you know when you get asked to set up the darkness of the screen and you have an image and it says ”adjust so the picture on the right is barley visible”? I always adjust so you can see it quite clearly for I HATE it when you can’t really see. But in this game I actually had to go with the instructions because otherwise it is to bright! It is wonderful! A bright colorful beautiful world!

But I have to say the game play is not that awesome. It is just go from point a to b and shoot some people on the way and there is only one way to choose. I would have loved a gameplay like Dishonored, where you can choose how to play and actually go explore. But on the other hand it is just such a gorgeous game that I just don’t care, I just want to see more of the world, so the quite boring gameaplay is easy to oversee.

And if you imagine the main character you play is Malcolm Reynolds, it is just epic!



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