2013’s year chronicle

Another year has gone past and a new one is standing at the door. Last new year I did a list of what 2013 would have in store:

Study in Liverpool
Get a real job
Dogshows with Speja

And yes, I did all of them. Although it got only to be 4 shows for Speja until she had to have knee-surgery which put an end to any career in the show-ring.

So here i a little recap on my 2013:

I moved to Liverpool, England, to have do my final term at the John Moores University. It was exciting and I ended up in a house with 6 other students.
Most of the  month went to getting settle in a new country and a new school, but in the end on January I went with a housemate to Manchester and saw Bastilles and Three Door Cinema at the O2. That was really awesome!

Röda dörren är vår
number 23, my home for 4 months

This month we did a school trip! It was supposed to be a trip focused on the maritime aspect. We ended up on a farm and looking at trains…
But it was a nice trip! First we visited like an out door museum showing agricultural England in the beginning of the 20th century and I cannot tell you how nice it was to be able to walk on grass and just be away from the city. Then we actually visited a container port, but it was a container port, so it was not all that exciting. We stayed in Newcastle and the next day we visited a train museum.

Also in February Mats came to visit and we did a lot of touristy stuff,  but the main event was seeing the Les Miserables. I just fell in love and then it was Les Miserables for months…

Oh I cannot forget that I started listening to Steam Powered Giraffe. Thanks to suggestions in spotify!

P1000247 P1000278


In Mars  I had another visit! My brother, dad and his girlfriend came down to Liverpool for about a week. We did Liverpool, a bit of Wales, a bit of England and some shopping! It was a good time!

Jag och en get... som försökte äta min scarf..
Me and a goat. Of course!



My dissertation was to be finished in the end of April. So most of my time I spent in the library writing and writing and writing. Therefore it was not much happening in April.
But things to be added in the ”happened-in-april”-list is that I discovered the series Plebs, Warehouse 13 and I bought a Filofax. And I did a ”my filofax” video as my first youtube-video!

A lovely May. I had my two exams and my dissertation was handed in and I did a presentation on it. I was finally done with school, all of the house-mates went out on our last school day and had the most awesome time. It felt very sad to be leaving.
Then I traveled by train up to Glasgow where I met up with Mats and we rented a car and did Scotland.
We saw Isle of sky, Loch Ness, inverness, Aberdeen, Edingburgh and all the Scottish castles in between them and it rained and it rained and it rained. Then we went down to London where we saw Les Miserables on stage. Mindblown. And of course we visited the Forbidden Planet superstore.

I hadn’t been home more than a day when we went out sailing on the tall ship we run. It was liberating and I felt truly that I was home!

P1000688 P1000745 P1000802P1000791



In June I started y new job. So a lot of my time and strength went to settle in to working full time and learning the ropes.
Only real thing happening was Midsummer, which we as tradition celebrated on board the tall ship Britta and of course it was super cold and raining.


My birthday! But that is in the end of the month. So we can start with that I showed Speja at a dog show and it was raining cats and dogs, but she got to be best bitch! And I was so proud!
In the end o July I was up in Stockholm, visiting my parents and showing Speja at a big show. The show went not so well.



In August I actually got a week vacation! It was spent sailing. Saturday to Wednesday I was onboard Britta sailing from Marstrand to Karlshamn. It was alot of sailing and very little sleep. But the crew was brilliant as always and we had alot of laughs.

Then Saturday to Sunday we went out with our own little sailing boat and sailed to Vinga, where we was about to not be able to get out from due to heavy winds. But we managed.
Oh i nearly forgot, on Vinga I found the clacks!

20130818-125751.jpg IMG_20130818_151020


There was nothing special happening in September as I can remember. It was a lot of dog training. Me and Speja training seeking and Nellie obedience.
Not much more…

In October I had my first visit to Cafe Taktik with some girls I boardgame with. Me and Speja did a ”mental test” (or well, Speja did I just tagged along). Me and Speja went an agility course.

November was a dark month. It was found out that Spejas knee-caps are not were they suppose to be, so she went into surgery for her right knee. Then she tried to kill her self by eating to much of another dogs food and swallowed it whole.  Fortunately her stomach could managed and she only has a tummy ache.
I also went to a halloween-party and finally got to dress as a plague doctor.

In December Speja had to redo her surgery. As she had her first in the end of november and the other one in the middle of december she has not been allowed to move around. Thus I have not been able to do much.
But I managed to see ”Day of the Doctor”, which I LOVED! It was awesome and it was even more awesome to see it with other fans!
I also went up to Stockholm to celebrate Christmas with the family which was very nice!
In December I also realized I needed to do something, I was getting boring so I started to steampunk-up my life. Which I feel has been a good change. I feel better and I think I look better, which boosts my confidence.


And know we are here.

What hopes do I have fore 2014? I don’t know. Earlier I had great plans for me and Speja and everything circled around dog training. We were going to start competing and get physical training, but nothing of that can be now as she will have her other knee done in April and it will be first winter 2014/2015 she will be able to start training again.

However, I want to make 2014 a more geekier year for me than 2013 have been. I want to meet more like-minded people, go to convention and meetings.
I really want to make something out of the blog, to blog more often and better.

I hope you will have a great evening and see you next year!


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