This week TV-Show!

I have said it before and I will tell you again. I am a tvshow junky, and a binge-watcher.

My latest addition to my obsession is ”Miss Fishers Murder Mysteries”, which I had never heard of before it appeared in my Netflix feed, which surprises me. True it is not a scifi or fantasy series, but it is a very neat and funny little series.

The whole series takes place in 1928 and revolves around Phryne Fisher, a very wealthy lady who becomes a private detective, much to the nuisance of the local Inspector Jack Robinson. Miss Fisher is fearless, daring, clever and totally fabulous. She was not always wealthy and often take on to help the not so fortunate.
To her help she has her ladys maid, Dot. A somber timid catholic girl, who find her self caught up in miss Fishers daring and promiscuous life, and, even if she does not say it outlout, actually enjoying it. And then there is the love intrest between her and the nervous and shy police assistant, which is just hilarious, especially when miss Fisher trys to ease them togehter. There is also the butler, who is actually named Mr Butler, who, always with a smile, helps miss Fisher out in the background. Everything from getting dinner ready to chase burglers out the windows with a washer stick.
Then there is the two automobile drivers, who are not the most clever ones, and often biker between them, but they have the heart in the right place.

Then off course there is the Inspector Robinson, who at first are not at all amused to find Miss Fisher time and again clevering herself in to his crime scenes. But in the true manner of a private detective, she often outsmarts the police and getting them clues they had not thought about.

Although people dies as flies around miss Fisher, and she is perhaps a tad TO clever, and the police a tad TO dumb. It is such a nice little series and it has it little subtle funny  moments. And another thing is that it is Australien and taking place in Australia, which is a nice change.

Miss fisher

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