The New Adventure of Peter + Wendy

Last year I stumble across Lizzie Bennets Diary. Which was a web-series adaptation of  Pride and Prejudices and I thought it was brilliant. After that I have looked at other web series of old classic turned into youtube-series, like ”Emma Approved” and  ”Jane Eyre”. However, non have been as brilliant and captivating as LBD, until I came across this series.

The New Adventure of Peter + Wendy

As you might get from the name is a new adaption of Peter Pan. It takes place in Neverland, Ohio, where the ambitious Wendy lives with her two brothers. The very uptight John and the slacker Michael. Michaels best friend and slacker friend is Peter, who is a comic writer for the paper that John runs and Wendy works for.
Wendy has big dreams for her carrier, in opposite from Peter who never wants to grow up. But Peter has a huge crush on Wendy, but could Wendy ever see anything in someone who has no ambition….

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