The Best of E3

E3 is the best time of the year! I so would wish to go there one day, even more than to San Diego Comic con, because there is where it all happens!

I actually kind of feel like the conference are better this year than last year, better paced, or maybe just more games I am looking forward to!

So here is some of my highlights of the fair so far:


DISHONORED 2!!!!! I am so excited for this game. Dishonored is one of  my all time favourite games and to see a sequel, with a female lead! I was just a little disappointed not to see any game play, you can’t really tell much of a game by the trailer, but it looks awesome. Really beautiful, only I don’t know, Dishonored was so cool dark and gritty, this was very bright. On the other hand I have complained about it being TO dark, so I don’t know.  We’ll see, it looks so promising!

Fallout 4

Fallout 3 is another of my all time best games, so I am so looking forward to number 4. However, I have a feeling it won’t be as good as 3, I cannot really pinpoint it, but I don’t know. The little I have seen, I have not got that true fallout wasteland post-ap feeling. Hopefully, that is because the trailer are to be cool and fast paced.



This was a little game from a Swedish studio, that looked so awesome! It looked like a brilliant version of child of light or little big planet, but just more artistic and fantastic scenery! So cool! I will so get it to my PS4, because I think it will be awesome!

Star wars battlefront

I am so looking forward to Star Wars Battlefront, it is Dice, it is mulitplayer, it is Starwars, it is just so cool! and finally we got game play!
It looks awesome, and I really get BF2142 wibes, which I am so happy about since I love BF2142!


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