Sunny sunday

So my goal to be blogging everyday have not been realized. But I will take it in small steps, I will try to get better I promise! But I believe one big part is that it is always dark this time of year so I never get any good picture, unless on weekends.

I will start with the first picture below. It is my dog, Speja, with footsies. She needs footsies, because if she don’t have them she will lay down in a pile of snow and die. Im not kidding, okay I am, about the dying, but not the lying down in a pile and refuse to move. With the footsies she can actually go on walks further than just 50 meters from our front door.

So moving on to today, I had a lovely brunch with friends at a little cafe. Then we took a walk in town which today is coated in ice! It was sunny and just ice-frost-beautiful!
Then I got out to my little pony (well, okay he is not a pony, he actually it horse with about 5 cm) and rode in the light from the setting sun. We had some disagreements, but we (or mostly I) settled them and in the end we could do what I wanted outwith to much disagreements.




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