Steampunk Saturday

The snow has invaded us, but I dared the cold to get to Steampunk Gothenburgs steampunk fair. I didn’t expect so much of it,maybe a few tables and not that many visitors. But was I wrong! It was crowded! And lots of crafters and a really cool British band.

The band was called ”The Curious sounds” and I really liked their music, go check in there facebook page (click the name of the band). I didn’t buy anthing but took the card of a man who makes these amazing monster-teaddy bears (check it out here).

After the fair I had to go to the stable by bus, usually I go by car, and had to walk in the snow weather and then I was out with the Mod (the horse). Back home again I have enjoyed a nice warm shower and have got cozy in the thermal blanket with the dogs watching ”Once upon a time”. Nice times :)


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