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Ive been toying with the idea of start blogging again. I have a training blog for my horse, which I find kind of fun to update. But for some reason I have had it in my mind that I have ”nerd blog” and I need to put out nerdy stuff. But for the past year I haven’t put that much effort into the nerdy side of my life, at least not anything I feel is really blog worthy.

So I think I have managed to make peace with my self that I dont HAVE to just put out nerdy stuff and there is a lot in my life happening right now, and I think it might be good for me to have somewhere to put out ups and downs and I just want to write an everyday blog. And that is okay!

Some changes in my life and what to expect:
– Im starting a new job in may!
– I have just started HEMA (historical european martial art)
– I do cavalry training with my horse (and hopefully soon jousting)
– Im trying to recover from lumbago

So today I wanted to talk about:

My back – three weeks ago I got the worst lumbago I ever had. A whole day I just lay in bed and could only lay perfectly still on my back, Im not kidding. So I am still recovering from that, I have got my mobility back, but I still have ache and some days are worse than others. My physical therapist says it was probably a bulging disc (not a herniation), and that the small muscles nearest the spine are weak. I would not stress so much over it unless for two things.
1. I was stressing that the days before I broke down I had my first fencing lesson and I had to miss two training and had some anxiety to get there again after that much time. But it was totally nothing to stress about. Last monday I was there again and it was so much FUN!
2. I have my military refreshing excersice in mid-april and my biggest fear is that I will get severe back pains while Im there.  Now I received my training schedule for the weeks and it doesn’t seem to be that much physical stuff, but it is the army, so you never now.  And have you never been in the army you cannot really understand the peer pressure and also how hard it is to say no or take it easy.

Me in the army seven years ago

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