Star Trek- Into Darkness

I have been travelling round Scotland for the last week and the Wi-fi in the guest houses around the county is pretty non-existent. That is why there have not been much activity the last days, but now I am back in the civilized part of the world again!

Yesterday I saw ”Star Trek: Into Darkness” and I must say I was surprisingly happy leaving the cinema! I did not have that high expectation going in, since from the trailer it look like I was going to be watching a superhero-movie in Star Trek uniform. But I enjoyed it so much! It was intriguing, funny and, for a better word, cosy!

I must confess I have not seen the original Star Trek-series and maybe that is a good thing, because some things I think I might have found a bit like a travesty if I had. Like the relationship between Spock and Kirk, but since I have not seen the original series it might be  just like that.

I also must tribute Simon Pegg, because I really think his character just lifted the whole movie!

A very good sign that is was a good movie was that I really wanted MORE when I left. I want them to do a whole series with the crew from this movie! And I want to watch all of the Star Trek series!


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  1. Verkar som om du tyckte ungefär samma sak som jag haha! Jag har inte heller sett originalserien och tyckte väl att denna filmen var ungefär som du sa; lite halvmysig sådär :) Helt klart bättre än jag trodde!

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