Maybe I should update you guys on whats happening in my life. I have been really sick with the flue TWICE! Not funny and I have not got anything done. In between me and some friends went to the Swedish fjäll (or apperently fell in English). That is the Swedish mountain range in the north, however they are very flat and not very high, that is because the ice in the ice age wore them down so they do not look like the alps or ”normal” mountains. The nature is very harsh and very special. It is beautiful! So we went there skiing. And it was aewsome.

Me and my black dog Nellie also went out and did some cross-country skiing! We were very bad at it. 5 km in 55 min….



Here is me out in the slopes over looking Åre lake

Me indoors warming my self at the fire (I were so cold in this picture)


We did some off-pist skiing trough some woods (which where much steeper then we thought) and where this happy when we got out!

The beautiful Åreskutan! (translating the Åre ship)P1010458P1010459

My little dog Speja has some real issues with the cold. When it gets below zero she cannot be out for ore than 10 minutes, then her paws start to hurt so she cannot walk. Therefore I had to make the little footsies so we could take som longer walks!


My Beautiful Nellie!P1010420

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