Assassins Creed Unity! Arno and Elsie!


I am so happy with my Arno and Elsie figurines! So gorgeous!

And the clothes! Wow, so amazing! I am working on an unboxing video that will get out later this week, so stay tune to get a closer look.


Sci Fi Mässan (Convention) Gothenburg 2015


This weekend have been great! On Saturday I was the Belgian detective Hector Pirot (yes I misspelled it correct), as one of my lovely friends are getting married and for her hen-party we traveled back in time to 1915, where we first had a wonderful lunch and choclate tasting in the botanic garden of Gothenburg, then in the evening we had a very thrilling mystery dinner! Where the bride-to-be got the be the writer Agathea Christi in the English country side where one of the dinner guest suddenly is dead and we all had to try to figure out the murderer.


Then on Sunday I went from a pompous gentlemen, to a bad as steampunk airship-sailor! Then I went to a scifi convention and last time I was there was three years ago and then it was very small. So I thought, well this will be done in an hour, but it had gotten so huge! I wandered around for hours! And of course I bought a pony and two Assassins creed unity figurines. Then afterwards I met up with some amazing friends and started to plan our own gaming channel, which is really exiting!

11138534_10152794975079562_2166362815746245223_n P1010532

Sibling day!

Today is international sibling day!

I don’t think me and my brother are unique in that we can understand each other perfectly and also drive each other mental.
Anecdote: When I was like 5 years old and he was like 3 and we met people like the cashier in a store I always used to say ”My name is Linda, this is my little brother, his name is Nicke” and then I patted him on the while making a sound like ”koshi koshi go”


I published this picture I found in twitter:
and my brothers respons:


Me and my brother, so much alike yet so different :)




Easter celebration with my family! (Video)

I don’t have much experiences with other families (duh!), but I can imagine that we are quite intense. It is quite loud and messy, but we have fun!

Here is a little video of one of the Easter traditions we have, painting eggs and having a cracking contest. In the end you can see me and my brother showing the art of raising one eye brow….

Hope you enjoy (there are english subs)


Easter holiday!


The Easter weekend is over! I was up in Stockholm with my family. Saturday we was at my uncles with his family, painted eggs, had egg competition (where you crack the eggs against each other, I lost…) and ate salomon and just had fun!
Then we also took a walk in a lovely castle park and drank some sweet cocoa 😀

DSC_0391 DSC_0400 DSC_0418 DSC_0502 DSC_0518

Kitchenaid/mixer Decals

I love to personlize my stuff and I got a mixer for Christmas and I just found that on Etsy you can buy decals to put on them, and there are so many pretty ones!

But I cannot really decide which I want the most, there is this Doctor Who, theme that is awesome, but my mixer is black, so i thought it might be cool with some colors so I also found this cupcake one, and also some other. And now I can’t decide!


Doctor Who kitchenaid decal

Cupcake kitchenaid decal





Yesterday was Waffles day! However I was busy yesterday so I made waffels today instead!

Why we celebrate waffle day is kind of funny. The 25th is the Feast of the annunciation, which in Sweden is/was called ”our ladys day” in Swedish ”vår fru dagen” and vår fru said fast it sounds like waffles :) So we started to eat waffles instead

Miranda Sings

On youtube I have been following Miranda Sings, which at the start I was like, what is this? This is crap, until I finally realized how funny it was! Sometimes it is hysterical, but I don’t only love Miranda, for Miranda, I love Miranda even more because of Colleen, the women who is Miranda!

Colleen is so down to earth, and funny,and weird, and it is good to see someone who is not ”perfect” in the conventional way, but is a little quirky and funny, and weird on the internet. I so can identify with her (Colleen, not Miranda). So I was so happy when I got tickets to her show in june!



As I said in my previous post my last poison as far as tv-series goes is Haven. It is about FBI agent Audrey Parker that arrives to the little town of Haven to track down a runnaway murder. However, he is found dead and it appears all is not as it seems in the little town.

I must say the first episodes I was not super impressed, but it has grown on me and season two is much better!

To the Memory of Sir Terry Pratchett

It has been a little over my week since the world went grey. On the 12 th of march Sir Terry Practhetts sand ran out and followed DEATH into the black desert. And I cannot describe how I felt when my dad texted me the news. It felt like a punch in the stomach, and that is why it have taken so long to write about it.

My first memories of Pratchett books, I had no idea it was Pratchett books, was my dad reading books with strange covers and laughing his guts out. I always ask what was so funny, but he always said it couldn’t be explained. And I felt I was kept out from some wonderful mysterious world. Then when I was 12 my dad finally started reading Guards Guards to me and my brother. And I LOVED it! After that he read several more, and I started to get old enough to read by myself and then I was the one laughing out loud and when I got asked I just said you can’t explain it unless you read it your self.

I cannot explain how great part of my life these books have been, they have helped me understand the world, and also helped me going trough hard times and also made great times even better.
The last week I have realized there isn’t one single day that goes past where I don’t realize how Sir Terry Practhett have influenced me, it can be a way of thinking, references, quotes, memories, there are just so much!

Without doubt or over exaggerating can say I would not be the person I am today if it hadn’t beent for Sir Terry Pratchett.

I don’t know how to end, but maybe just this is enough:

Thank you, sir and please say hello to Binky for me



Crafting Sunday


This weekend has been a quite one. On Saturday I watch way to many episodes of Haven, way to late, but altough it is not the most deep series ever, but it is thrilling.

Then today I met with some friends to craft a some. I didn’t really get to do much, but I decorated my filofax a bit. I am not super happy, but it looks kind of nice anyway. DSC_0326DSC_0325DSC_0331DSC_0329

Teefury Mystery Haul

I have had as a goal to upload a video a week, however after my valentines video I was on holiday and then my computer went bananas. That meant I had to reboot it and then my video editing didn’t want to re-install, and it was just a mess. But I have finally got it right which means I have now a new video!

It is a Teefury mystery haul. I haven’t bought any teefury t-shirts in a while because I love mystery haul and at the time I had so many that I was afraid to just get the same designs. Now, however, it has been a while so there are so many new design!


Semel feast!


In Sweden (and other parts of Northern Europe) we have a special kind of pastry we traditionally eat the Tuesday in February before the old catholic fast, which is Semla. It has been several centuries since we last had fast in Sweden, but this pastry has lived on. It is a wheat bun, with cardamom (very important) and then it is filled with almond paste and then whipped cream.  It is delicious! I love it!


So I had a Semel feast! And it was so much fun! We just ate so much Semlor and other goodies and I had quizzes and crosswords and it was just so much fun! DSC_0325 DSC_0332

Magcial under water photos!

Photographer Von Wong did something really orginal, he took models down to wreck, 25 meters below the surface and took some amazing pictures!

they are just so earie, and magical! And they are real! Not photoshoped, the models where really down at the wreck! So cool!