New Geeky Corner


I have had my little ”geek” corner, but the trouble is that it has only been like for decoration. I have never used it! And lately it has been over jammed with just stuff. Geeky stuff, but just stuff.
So now I have got a new desk with more storage room. But I don’t really know what to do with it. I liked to old ”decoration”, but on the otherhand there was a lot of stuff that I did not really ”love”. On the other side with the new desk I feel there is more chance I will actually use it. Maybe I can even get a stationary computer!

I just need to figure out how to geeky it up!


Before – when it still ”cleaned”

Mitt nya videoprojekt4



A new year awaits

So it is now 2016. I kind of got caught up in December doing a advent calender for my cousins (you can watch it HERE) and all of a sudden December was gone and New Year was upon me.

It was very fun to make, but I am also glad it is all over as it was kind of stressful for me. Note to self DONT attempt to make a 24 episode-series in 30 days. Just don’t!

Another huge thing, in so many ways, also stomped in to my life, by my own choice, in December. A horse. I don’t know if I have talked that much about my horsey life here in the blog. But until a couple of years ago horses made up most part of my life, and had been for about 15 years, but then I stopped because I was so sick and tired of always taking care of everyone elses horses and not getting anything for it, not doing any progress of my own.
But know I have the time, the money and will, so 6th of December I went to get my lifelong, childhood dream, a north Swedish horse, named Mod (Courage in Swedish).

I have so many plans for us, I want to be in an reenactment group, do mounted archery, educate us in historic riding and maybe someday do some of the high school movements. But we are YEARS from that. Right now we are just getting to now each other and trying to explore the paths in the little forest near the stable (when he doesn’t decide he wants to go home and does not move for anything).

instagram morot

The Best of E3

E3 is the best time of the year! I so would wish to go there one day, even more than to San Diego Comic con, because there is where it all happens!

I actually kind of feel like the conference are better this year than last year, better paced, or maybe just more games I am looking forward to!

So here is some of my highlights of the fair so far:


DISHONORED 2!!!!! I am so excited for this game. Dishonored is one of  my all time favourite games and to see a sequel, with a female lead! I was just a little disappointed not to see any game play, you can’t really tell much of a game by the trailer, but it looks awesome. Really beautiful, only I don’t know, Dishonored was so cool dark and gritty, this was very bright. On the other hand I have complained about it being TO dark, so I don’t know.  We’ll see, it looks so promising!

Fallout 4

Fallout 3 is another of my all time best games, so I am so looking forward to number 4. However, I have a feeling it won’t be as good as 3, I cannot really pinpoint it, but I don’t know. The little I have seen, I have not got that true fallout wasteland post-ap feeling. Hopefully, that is because the trailer are to be cool and fast paced.



This was a little game from a Swedish studio, that looked so awesome! It looked like a brilliant version of child of light or little big planet, but just more artistic and fantastic scenery! So cool! I will so get it to my PS4, because I think it will be awesome!

Star wars battlefront

I am so looking forward to Star Wars Battlefront, it is Dice, it is mulitplayer, it is Starwars, it is just so cool! and finally we got game play!
It looks awesome, and I really get BF2142 wibes, which I am so happy about since I love BF2142!


Suprise LootCrate!

So I relieved a loot crate an naturally I thought its the May Unite crate that had arrived. First I thought I wasn’t going to film it since it was late and I was tired, but then i changed my mind. And am I glad I did, because when I reached for the second item I realized IT WASNT THE MAY CRATE!








I have blogged before about web series The New Adventures of Peter and Wendy  and last autumn they did a pledge to get the funds to make a season two and I supported it and the pledge item was a loot crate! Which is the one I received now!

The season two premiere is 12th June so be sure to watch season one until then!

The Glorious 25th



All the little angels rise up, rise up,
all the little angels rise up high!
How do they rise up, rise up, rise up,
How do they rise up, rise up high?

The 25th of May is know as the Glorious 25th, or wear a lilac day, and it has several meanings and one. If you want to understand fully, read Terry Prathetts ”Nightwatch”, because only people who has been there can fully understand. But back in like the ordinary peoples world, the lilac on 25th is worn to raise awareness of Alzheimer. The illness that made Death and Binky visit Sir Terry Pratchett much to early.

So in remembrance of Truth Freedom Justice Reasonably Priced Love and a hard boiled egg, please donate to the Alzheimer trust fund. I already have!
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I just love historic hairstyles and I really want to try to figure out easy ways to figure out ways to make hair styles that really look like the photographs from that time. And here is another tutorial to a Gibson girl-style hair do!

Hope you enjoy!




Assassins Creed Hoodie


Today I received my assassins creed hoodie that I ordered from Geek Hoodies, where it cost $29:95.
But I most say it arrived from China and it is china quality. It is not that expensive, but it is still poor quiality, I wonder if it will survive the first laundry.

It feels like the cuffs will probably very soon be stretch, and I am quite disappointed that the hood is not very big. The same picture is shown of this hoodie at other website, but I wonder if they are all the same, or if some are ”cheap”-versions?

All in all its not supergreat, but it still looks kind of cool…

The Supergirl trailer is here

A couple of days ago the wikileaks revealed email conversation from Marvel and Sonys CEO where they writes their distaste for female superhero movies. Then this week CBS released a trailer for their new series of DCs ”Supergirl”, and it was so refreshing and felt like such a great comeback line to Marvel and Sony, as it looks to be kicking ass.

What is so refreshing in this trailer is that the troops and  ”women/girl”-problem is taken head on! One of the best and super empowering lines from the trailer (said by incognito  supergirls scary and powerful boss, played by Calista Flockhart):

”What do you think is so bad about girl?
I’m a girl, and your boss, and powerful, and rich, and hot, and smart. So if you pervasive supergirl as anything than excellent, isn’t the real problem; you?”

It is so cleverly done, it shows that they are aware of all the preconceptions and bias there is for a female superhero movie, but it also shows that they are going to take it head on! It takes bake the word girl, and ask us, why is girl synonym with something bad.

I also like that she is a person, which sounds a bit weird, but she is not just walking around being sexy. Like catwoman, poison ivy or harlequin. Im not saying that no superheros can be sexy, but it is nice to have one who’s primary existence does not have to be just for eye candy.

First time I saw the trailer I was like, why do they reveal that she get Clarks mantle? They are always showing to much in the trailer, but then I thought it was a movie trailer, not a series. Sure there are some cheesy moments, but come one, it is a superhero series, all of them have those!

All in all, I have high hopes for this! So spread the word, and show Marvel that it is poor script and directors that make flops, not the gender of the leading character!

New Assassins Creed Syndicate

Yesterday Ubisoft released the trailer for the next Assassins Creed. t is called Syndicate and have release date on consoles 23 October. I must say I am not very impressed with the trailer.
When I saw Unity I was so psyched, it looked so awesome, but this, I don’t know. First it is not beautiful, the graphic looks old. Maybe it is because it pre-alpha material, but I don’t know. It does not look as gorgeous as Unity. Then in the walk-thorough video they said this will be the most fast-paced AC they have ever made, so maybe they have down graded the graphics in order for it to flow better?

I love the ”assassins” look from assassins creed, but this game is taking place in Victorian London, and that awesome cloak thing, just does not fit in! It looks dated in that environment! Maybe it is just me that is a historian dress nerd that it bothers, but I don’t know it just does not look right. Also I did not get an assassins creed feel, about this game, it just felt like a big knuckle fight.

But I must say I like that there seems to be many women in the crowds, even the rowdy ones (not only walking around in big skirts and umbrellas). However, since the main character has a twin sister, why couldn’t they make it so you can decide which you want to play? Then they could get away with the whole females-in-gaming-stuff!

I am kind of sad, because Unity I think is an amazing looking game. Yes game-wise it has major faults, but still the feel of it is still good. But this. I don’t know, I want to be excited, but looking at the videos the feeling I get is like… ”meeeh”…


Hottopic shopping!

Today I received the packaged with things I ordered from Hottopic.
I had ordered a music note dress, a Cinderella dress, a little mermaid sweater, a captain america dress and two jewelry from Alice in Wonderland.

Although the  marvel dress it said was coming in a separate packaged, which I was little bit disappointed of because that was what I was looking forward to the most! But it will arrive soon.

All the clothes fitted nicely (I was a little bit scared of that because it is always tricky ordering from overseas with sizes), so I have high hopes that the Marvel dress will fit as well.

I did not have so much time this evening, my camera charger is still not here so I couldn’t make a whole haul and review video, so I made a little teaser until I can get the time and space to film a whole one!


Best Lootcrate yet!

My lootcrate arrived the other day, FANTASY themed! I love fantasy, it is my favorite genre! So I was so psyched for this crate to come. Finally it was a theme I am really into!

And it was superb (could only have been more dragons, well it can always be more dragons)!

Sorry for bad quality, I left my re-charger for my DSLR camera at my dads, so I only have small  compact camera, but you take what you have :)