New Assassins Creed Syndicate

Yesterday Ubisoft released the trailer for the next Assassins Creed. t is called Syndicate and have release date on consoles 23 October. I must say I am not very impressed with the trailer.
When I saw Unity I was so psyched, it looked so awesome, but this, I don’t know. First it is not beautiful, the graphic looks old. Maybe it is because it pre-alpha material, but I don’t know. It does not look as gorgeous as Unity. Then in the walk-thorough video they said this will be the most fast-paced AC they have ever made, so maybe they have down graded the graphics in order for it to flow better?

I love the ”assassins” look from assassins creed, but this game is taking place in Victorian London, and that awesome cloak thing, just does not fit in! It looks dated in that environment! Maybe it is just me that is a historian dress nerd that it bothers, but I don’t know it just does not look right. Also I did not get an assassins creed feel, about this game, it just felt like a big knuckle fight.

But I must say I like that there seems to be many women in the crowds, even the rowdy ones (not only walking around in big skirts and umbrellas). However, since the main character has a twin sister, why couldn’t they make it so you can decide which you want to play? Then they could get away with the whole females-in-gaming-stuff!

I am kind of sad, because Unity I think is an amazing looking game. Yes game-wise it has major faults, but still the feel of it is still good. But this. I don’t know, I want to be excited, but looking at the videos the feeling I get is like… ”meeeh”…


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