Monday is Funday

Monday IS funday! Because on mondays I do m fencing and not the usual lame fencing with tiny sword you dot on each other. No I do HEMA, Historical European Martial Arts, and specifically sword and buckler. Which means we fight with a sword (duh) and a buckler, a small shield of sorts.

It was only my third time today and it just gets harder! I guess because now I start putting pressure on my self that I need to perform and actually do it right. In the end I though I got some hang of it, but sometime i just dropped the ball completely.

Also now I understand the weird bruise I had on my arm last week. i realised last week i had a bruise on my wrist, below the thumb, but its from the sword when I get a blow on my buckler the sword sometimes bounce, or come down slightly on the wrist. Hence- bruise.

sword and buckler

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