Making Sweets



Today I tried out my birthday gift from my mom. She gave me a DIY Christmas Sweets set, to make your own sweets!
The set had lots of differents flavours and for some reason I got talked in to making apple flavored. The making the dough part was quite easy, it was just boil three ingredients to a certain temperature and then pour it on a Teflon cloth. However I discovered that when following the recipe you got quite a lot of dough so when I had made half of the sweets the other one was hardening so a piece of it I had too throw away as it was to hard for me to work. But now I know until next time!

Unfortunatly I didn’t like the sweets, but I don’t like apple flavored, so I hope someone that like apple flavored still find them tasty. Next batch I believe I will try to make mint sweets filled with nougat!



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