Lets talk Battlefield 1

So lets talk Battlefield 1.

Battlefield 1

BF is one of my favorite-gameseries.  Although the one I thought was best was 2142, as I like the futuristic better than the realistic. So I was just a little disappointed when it was announced that it was a WW1 setting. However, it looks amazing and as a history nerd, I feel it is a an okay alternative.

So lets talk about the little that has been shown so far. As I said it looks amazing and the 1910- environment is beautiful! The motorbikes and airships stand out, in a good way, it is a nice change to all the WW2 games. If we talk graphics, the one thing that bothers me is the horses. I mean come on, they have managed to make everything, I mean everything, uber-realistic, and then the horses looks like donkeys! And is moving all wrong!

Battlefield 1 horses

I hope Battlefield 1 have nothing incomon with Battlefront, as I did not like that at all. It had no structure, no tactics, it was like an ant war, everyone just running around like crazy shooting. It felt like just another game following the trend where all the effort have gone to making it look great, and then relying on the looks to make it a great game.
I really like the set up in 2142, with a catch the flag setting and also the titans. I really loved the titans. It gave the game a nice structure and a nice path to follow.

Also I wonder how a Battlefield set in WW1 will stand in todays game world. We are used to fast and automatic guns. And now we will find our selves in WW1 where everything was much slower, and on top off that I kind of feel that Dice would pride themselves in making it realistic. So it will be very interesting to see how they have balances that.

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