Jamendo- royalty free music

Copyright is a hard thing. With both my mum being an artist and a crafts women and my self doing lot of crafty things my self I believe it is important to pay people who have worked on something.
At the same time, I can my self believe it is okay to use another persons picture to promote that person. For example if I promote someones etsy shop, I believe it is more okay to use pictures on their products, but if I was just ”look at this nice thing” with no credis, that is not okay.

But I try never to use any persons doings without credit them, and that goes for music as well. That is why I am sourcing all the music I am using for my youtube-channel frm ”Jamendo”. On Jamendo you can find music free-to-use to non-profit projects as long as you are crediting the artist.

So don’t ”steal” music, do it the legal way if you are making videos and credit the people behind it!


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