How to save your wet phone

I am still working as my vacation has not yet started. But my brother with girlfriend and friend is visiting and they went out to the ocean. Only my brother forgot he had his phone on him when diving into the big blue. Not very good for the poor smartphone.

You can have a chance to save your non-waterproof electronics if you get them wet if you keep this in mind:

– this is crucial, as it is not the water per-say that  ruins the phone it is when electricity runs trough it while its wet and short cut it.

Take out the battery ASAP
– this is to prevent it from getting short cut, as describe previous

For best chance disassembling it to be able to really rinse it out.

If it has bathed in salt water you need to rinse out the salt, as it corrode the metal. Best is to rinse it out with surgical alcohol or distilled water. But if it has swam in salt water you can rinse it with regular water, its still better than the salt.

– Yes we are back on the first, let it dry for a LONG time, Im talking days!
Put it in a bag of rice, or drying pellets, to suck out the moist.

When it have dried thoroughly, assemble and turn it on, and pray to the gods of electronics. And maybe, just maybe it will be alright.

This way I saved my poor computer from a bath of soda….


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