He’s nothing but a jackass in a fancy metal can!

These days of late I have not done much ”blog” worthy. I have done some domestic chores when not at work, although one funny thing happen. I was re-doing my bookshelf (as one does) and had my books scattered all over the living room when my boyfriend found my baby-book. There he found the following, written by my father when I was about 1 or 2 years old:

”Your favorite thing to do is tearing out all the books in the bookshelf and playing with the volume on the stereo. Looks like you will become a well educated punkrocker”

Well, I still love books and I still love music :)

Another huge discovery in my life was a new tv-series. And I cannot believe I have not hear about it before. It is a fantasy-comedy set in medieval-times with musical theme! I mean someone has just sat down and thought to them self ”lets take everything Linda loves and just put it all together”. And out comes ”Galavant”.
I love it! And not only is it all I just said, it also a dark witty British humor! All I can do watching it is smile!


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