EA and Microsoft at E3

I feel like a bad nerd for saying that I have not had the time to watch Sony’s press conference from E3, but I have had so much to do this week. I have, however, watch the EA and Microsoft conferences and I will let you know a bit about my general thoughts.


– Battlefield Hardline. Maybe I have just said it on twitter, but as you know the server for the BF2142 has been shut down, and BF2142 is my favorite BF, or FPS in general. I am more of a future battle kind of girl. I like it when there is walkers and such. Therefore I was a bit disappointed for what I saw from BF Hardline. It looked like a SWAT-game, in a city of today. Not even a battleground. I looked really cool, sure, but it is just not what I crave for at the moment….

– But then Star Wars Battlefront III was shown, and I was like, THIS, looks more of what I want! I’m looking forward to see more of this game as we move towards 2015!


– Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare was a FPS in a futuristic environment, but oh my was it messy. It was things everywhere, moving and then suddenly some typ of huge monster consisting of multiple things came raving. But I believe they only showed the campaign, so maybe if the mulitplayer is cleaner (it has to be otherwise it will just be madness), it looks potentially like an okay game, at least for me.

– Assassins creed: Unity I got really excited about! I have not really played assassins creed because I always thought it looked kind of dull and boring. But here you could play stealth in co-op! So freaking cool! And then I learned that Ubisoft cracked the comment ”you can’t play as a women, since it is to expensive to code women”. And then my excited turned into nausea.

– Spark looked amazing! And sounded amazing! To bad its only coming to Xbox One. Since I want a PS4, as I NEED ”The Order: 1886”.

So that was a short recap on my thoughts on some of the highlights from Microsoft and EA. What are you most excited about?

Star Wars Battleground III

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