Cute and Awesome Youtubers

Since my life right now is mostly boring work and not so much geeky fun, which I hope will soon turn around (especially with Comiccon in Stockholm in three weeks), but therefore I will give you two of my favorite youtubers.

First is Bunny, or Grav3yardgirl which is here internetname. I just discovered her channel a couple of weeks ago, but I really think she is an amazing person!  She truly feels genuine and some videos she is make uped to here theeth, and others she have no make up. It feels so fresh and she seems to be so kind and awesome!


Next up is HoppingHammy, which is a channel I watch when I just want to be cheered up. It is a girl that is have hamsters and film them and make their cages in different themes. And she loves Frozen! It is such a cozy, cute little channel!

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