Christmas is here!


Today is the first advent Sunday, which means: CHRISTMAS IS HERE!

I love Christmas, it is my favourite holiday, because it is so cozy with all the lights and decorations and so much craft! Its baking and Christmas cards and ornaments, I just love it!

In my family we always decorated the tree just some day or so just before Christmas eve, but since I am always away and I haven’t really got that Christmasy feeling, so this year I decided to get a tree for the first advent and decorate it now, that way I will have Christmas all December!

I also noticed that I haven’t really got any nerdy christmas decorations, expect one from Nightmare before christmas, so I am thinking to decorate my own ornaments for the tree. But not to night, Im exhausted from all the decorating!

Now I will just enjoy the new christmas wonderland with some chai-latte and candy!

Oh, I also did a Steampunky-christmas card!


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