Animated Steam Punk Adventure

James Lopez is a very experienced animated, who has been an animator on several Disney movies, like ”The Princess and the Frog”, ”Hercules” and ”The Emperor new groove” among others. He has started a very interesting project, an animated Steampunk project!

Its called ”Hullabaloo”, and Im not sure if it is supposed to be a short-movie, a movie or a series. It is referred to as all three in different places. But what ever it will end up in, it looks amazing!

On the facebook page there is a villain named Cheshire cat and I am thrilled to see a female villain, that looks bad-ass and is not half naked! I could actually cosplay this amazing character with out a second thought!

I am so hoping that this project will be realizes, and if they start up a crowd-fund, I will donate!

James Lopez website HERE

The Hullabaloo -project facebook page HERE


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