Monday is Funday

Monday IS funday! Because on mondays I do m fencing and not the usual lame fencing with tiny sword you dot on each other. No I do HEMA, Historical European Martial Arts, and specifically sword and buckler. Which means we fight with a sword (duh) and a buckler, a small shield of sorts.

It was only my third time today and it just gets harder! I guess because now I start putting pressure on my self that I need to perform and actually do it right. In the end I though I got some hang of it, but sometime i just dropped the ball completely.

Also now I understand the weird bruise I had on my arm last week. i realised last week i had a bruise on my wrist, below the thumb, but its from the sword when I get a blow on my buckler the sword sometimes bounce, or come down slightly on the wrist. Hence- bruise.

sword and buckler

Starting a new

Ive been toying with the idea of start blogging again. I have a training blog for my horse, which I find kind of fun to update. But for some reason I have had it in my mind that I have ”nerd blog” and I need to put out nerdy stuff. But for the past year I haven’t put that much effort into the nerdy side of my life, at least not anything I feel is really blog worthy.

So I think I have managed to make peace with my self that I dont HAVE to just put out nerdy stuff and there is a lot in my life happening right now, and I think it might be good for me to have somewhere to put out ups and downs and I just want to write an everyday blog. And that is okay!

Some changes in my life and what to expect:
– Im starting a new job in may!
– I have just started HEMA (historical european martial art)
– I do cavalry training with my horse (and hopefully soon jousting)
– Im trying to recover from lumbago

So today I wanted to talk about:

My back – three weeks ago I got the worst lumbago I ever had. A whole day I just lay in bed and could only lay perfectly still on my back, Im not kidding. So I am still recovering from that, I have got my mobility back, but I still have ache and some days are worse than others. My physical therapist says it was probably a bulging disc (not a herniation), and that the small muscles nearest the spine are weak. I would not stress so much over it unless for two things.
1. I was stressing that the days before I broke down I had my first fencing lesson and I had to miss two training and had some anxiety to get there again after that much time. But it was totally nothing to stress about. Last monday I was there again and it was so much FUN!
2. I have my military refreshing excersice in mid-april and my biggest fear is that I will get severe back pains while Im there.  Now I received my training schedule for the weeks and it doesn’t seem to be that much physical stuff, but it is the army, so you never now.  And have you never been in the army you cannot really understand the peer pressure and also how hard it is to say no or take it easy.

Me in the army seven years ago

My Birthday!

Today I have been here for 30 years. Its weird to think about, its weird to say 10 years ago I was 20. But thats the way it is.

For my birthday I got a pair of pants I have been dying to get my hands on. Its the fancy pants from Emmys Design. She design clothes in a vintage style and these pants are just gorgeous, and they are so comfy and soft.


TUR_0087 TUR_0108b TUR_0134

How to save your wet phone

I am still working as my vacation has not yet started. But my brother with girlfriend and friend is visiting and they went out to the ocean. Only my brother forgot he had his phone on him when diving into the big blue. Not very good for the poor smartphone.

You can have a chance to save your non-waterproof electronics if you get them wet if you keep this in mind:

– this is crucial, as it is not the water per-say that  ruins the phone it is when electricity runs trough it while its wet and short cut it.

Take out the battery ASAP
– this is to prevent it from getting short cut, as describe previous

For best chance disassembling it to be able to really rinse it out.

If it has bathed in salt water you need to rinse out the salt, as it corrode the metal. Best is to rinse it out with surgical alcohol or distilled water. But if it has swam in salt water you can rinse it with regular water, its still better than the salt.

– Yes we are back on the first, let it dry for a LONG time, Im talking days!
Put it in a bag of rice, or drying pellets, to suck out the moist.

When it have dried thoroughly, assemble and turn it on, and pray to the gods of electronics. And maybe, just maybe it will be alright.

This way I saved my poor computer from a bath of soda….


What about this VR?

A couple of month ago I was having a conversation with some friends about VR. I was so not in for the hype. I was convinced it was going to be like Nintendo Wii, fun for like three times and then your sitting in the sofa again with your playstation controller. That was until I actually tried it myself.

I think my main issue was that I was just thinking it was going to be like you know, sitting in the sofa and have just a broad tv. Like looking at an Imax movie, its cool but its not THAT much different feeling from a regular movie experience. But the thing with VR, which I think you don’t really grasp until you actually tried it, is that you really feel you are IN the game. Even though you know it is all fake, your brain trick you into actually thinking it is real.

For example tried a game where a huge robot is entering the room; I knew it was just a game, it was animated for cupcakes sake, but I still was on the verge on a panic attack, as my brain was sending signals in my subconscious DANGER DANGER! I had to say to my self, its not real, its just a game.

We have the  HTC Vive, and I also think that the hand controls give a whole other dimension. Okay, i have not tried Octulus, but I can imagine that it would not be the same feeling when just holding a controller.

So I understand peoples skepticism, as I was there right beside you, but in this case I really think you have to try it before you can say anything about it, as its so hard to understand until tried!



My Little Pony

My Little Pony
I used to wonder what friendship could be
Until you all shared its magic with me!
Big adventure!
Tons of fun!
A beautiful heart
Faithful and strong

This is my ”little pony”, Mod. He is a 9 year old north swedish horse (nordsvensk). He is a bit special, and have his little quirks, but that is part of his charm!


Funko Pop goes Labyrinth

I love my funko pop, a little to much. I have put a total-Funko pop stop for myself, but I might need to make an exception for these.

You see Funko is releasing a new set this September, featuring the characters from the 80′-movie Labyrinth. I hae loved Labyrinth since I was a child and still do. I don’t know what it is, it just so cheesy, and magical, and I don’t know now, its just so 80’s and wonderful.


Jareth (or how we will always remember David Bowie)
I just want worm, so cute!
I need Ludo! I mean, just look at that cute little face!



This week TV-Show!

I have said it before and I will tell you again. I am a tvshow junky, and a binge-watcher.

My latest addition to my obsession is ”Miss Fishers Murder Mysteries”, which I had never heard of before it appeared in my Netflix feed, which surprises me. True it is not a scifi or fantasy series, but it is a very neat and funny little series.

The whole series takes place in 1928 and revolves around Phryne Fisher, a very wealthy lady who becomes a private detective, much to the nuisance of the local Inspector Jack Robinson. Miss Fisher is fearless, daring, clever and totally fabulous. She was not always wealthy and often take on to help the not so fortunate.
To her help she has her ladys maid, Dot. A somber timid catholic girl, who find her self caught up in miss Fishers daring and promiscuous life, and, even if she does not say it outlout, actually enjoying it. And then there is the love intrest between her and the nervous and shy police assistant, which is just hilarious, especially when miss Fisher trys to ease them togehter. There is also the butler, who is actually named Mr Butler, who, always with a smile, helps miss Fisher out in the background. Everything from getting dinner ready to chase burglers out the windows with a washer stick.
Then there is the two automobile drivers, who are not the most clever ones, and often biker between them, but they have the heart in the right place.

Then off course there is the Inspector Robinson, who at first are not at all amused to find Miss Fisher time and again clevering herself in to his crime scenes. But in the true manner of a private detective, she often outsmarts the police and getting them clues they had not thought about.

Although people dies as flies around miss Fisher, and she is perhaps a tad TO clever, and the police a tad TO dumb. It is such a nice little series and it has it little subtle funny  moments. And another thing is that it is Australien and taking place in Australia, which is a nice change.

Miss fisher

Lets talk Battlefield 1

So lets talk Battlefield 1.

Battlefield 1

BF is one of my favorite-gameseries.  Although the one I thought was best was 2142, as I like the futuristic better than the realistic. So I was just a little disappointed when it was announced that it was a WW1 setting. However, it looks amazing and as a history nerd, I feel it is a an okay alternative.

So lets talk about the little that has been shown so far. As I said it looks amazing and the 1910- environment is beautiful! The motorbikes and airships stand out, in a good way, it is a nice change to all the WW2 games. If we talk graphics, the one thing that bothers me is the horses. I mean come on, they have managed to make everything, I mean everything, uber-realistic, and then the horses looks like donkeys! And is moving all wrong!

Battlefield 1 horses

I hope Battlefield 1 have nothing incomon with Battlefront, as I did not like that at all. It had no structure, no tactics, it was like an ant war, everyone just running around like crazy shooting. It felt like just another game following the trend where all the effort have gone to making it look great, and then relying on the looks to make it a great game.
I really like the set up in 2142, with a catch the flag setting and also the titans. I really loved the titans. It gave the game a nice structure and a nice path to follow.

Also I wonder how a Battlefield set in WW1 will stand in todays game world. We are used to fast and automatic guns. And now we will find our selves in WW1 where everything was much slower, and on top off that I kind of feel that Dice would pride themselves in making it realistic. So it will be very interesting to see how they have balances that.

Fairy jars


These last few evenings I have crafted these little fairy jars.

It started with two with actual fairys, but then I expanded to steampunk inspired and Alice in wonderland as well.

I also have Beauty and the Beast ones in the making, hopefully I can show them tomorrow! Maybe I will do a tutorial, but for now, here is how some of them look.


Wear a Lilac day!

The Glorious 25th.
The day we wear a lilac in rememberance for truth justice freedom reasonably priced love and a hard boiled egg.
Also the day in rememberance of the truly great man, sir Terry Pratchett and raise awareness of the horrible dieases that took him, alzheimers.

All the little angels raise up raise up

DSC_0319 DSC_0322 DSC_0395 DSC_0403

Changing things

Haha, I am blogging two days in a row! I have been looking forward to this day for so long! As you may know, especially if you follow my youtube-channel ) I love to make different hair up-dos. However, lately my hair have just been a mess, I have hated how it looks in the front, and nothing looks good.
Also I think I lost some hair in the front as it has been starting to grow out alot of like baby-hair, why I have not wanted to put up my hair as I don’t want to put to much stress on it. Therefore I have been needing a haircut for sometime, but I have had some really bad experience with all hairdressers I have visited since my usually hair salon closed a few years back. But a friend of mine recommended her salon and today was finally my appointment. And I am so happy!
I lost about 10 cm of hair, due to I had to cut it due to that it was so torn, but it feels so fresh now! And I cut a fringe to let my fronthair line get som well earned rest, and also I think I look a cute little pony!

And the sugar on the cake was the semla that was waiting for me when I got home (a Swedish pastry which contains of a cardamon bun with whipped cream and almond paste), happiness!

DSC_0479 DSC_0505

Sunny sunday

So my goal to be blogging everyday have not been realized. But I will take it in small steps, I will try to get better I promise! But I believe one big part is that it is always dark this time of year so I never get any good picture, unless on weekends.

I will start with the first picture below. It is my dog, Speja, with footsies. She needs footsies, because if she don’t have them she will lay down in a pile of snow and die. Im not kidding, okay I am, about the dying, but not the lying down in a pile and refuse to move. With the footsies she can actually go on walks further than just 50 meters from our front door.

So moving on to today, I had a lovely brunch with friends at a little cafe. Then we took a walk in town which today is coated in ice! It was sunny and just ice-frost-beautiful!
Then I got out to my little pony (well, okay he is not a pony, he actually it horse with about 5 cm) and rode in the light from the setting sun. We had some disagreements, but we (or mostly I) settled them and in the end we could do what I wanted outwith to much disagreements.




He’s nothing but a jackass in a fancy metal can!

These days of late I have not done much ”blog” worthy. I have done some domestic chores when not at work, although one funny thing happen. I was re-doing my bookshelf (as one does) and had my books scattered all over the living room when my boyfriend found my baby-book. There he found the following, written by my father when I was about 1 or 2 years old:

”Your favorite thing to do is tearing out all the books in the bookshelf and playing with the volume on the stereo. Looks like you will become a well educated punkrocker”

Well, I still love books and I still love music :)

Another huge discovery in my life was a new tv-series. And I cannot believe I have not hear about it before. It is a fantasy-comedy set in medieval-times with musical theme! I mean someone has just sat down and thought to them self ”lets take everything Linda loves and just put it all together”. And out comes ”Galavant”.
I love it! And not only is it all I just said, it also a dark witty British humor! All I can do watching it is smile!


Steampunk Saturday

The snow has invaded us, but I dared the cold to get to Steampunk Gothenburgs steampunk fair. I didn’t expect so much of it,maybe a few tables and not that many visitors. But was I wrong! It was crowded! And lots of crafters and a really cool British band.

The band was called ”The Curious sounds” and I really liked their music, go check in there facebook page (click the name of the band). I didn’t buy anthing but took the card of a man who makes these amazing monster-teaddy bears (check it out here).

After the fair I had to go to the stable by bus, usually I go by car, and had to walk in the snow weather and then I was out with the Mod (the horse). Back home again I have enjoyed a nice warm shower and have got cozy in the thermal blanket with the dogs watching ”Once upon a time”. Nice times :)